The Skoa Design Philosophy From day one, our goal has been to translate elegant and simple design into functional performance. Mixing this goal with feedback from our team riders is an important aspect of our ever-evolving design process. Combined with owners Uwe Homm and Reinhold Uhrner’s total 20 plus years of skateboarding, downhill racing, mechanical engineering and CNC machining experience, we believe our philosophy stands out in the Stream 7 and Vapor precision trucks. Our design philosophy originated riding with our friends in the mountain passes of the European Alps and is embodied in every set of trucks we machine. History The idea behind Skoa started in 2011 when Uwe Homm and Reinhold Uhrner wanted a precision truck that was reminiscent of 1940s biplane design with a modern, aerodynamic flare. Uwe and Reinhold met in Germany in 2002 when they were both working at Pogo longboards doing CAD modeling and CNC machining. Uwe and Reinhold, both longtime longboarders, mountain bikers & snowboarders eventually decided to team up. Uwe was fresh out of his master’s degree program in mechanical engineering and Reinhold had started working in a high-end production manufacturing facility with access to a 5-axis CNC machine. It was a perfect setup. Having access to this machine was key to achieve the concepts that they had developed for the Stream 7.3d print Introduced in spring 2012, the Stream 7 was the first truck to truly incorporate an I-beam into the functionality of the design, adding strength and beauty to the truck in a way that had never been done before. By having these weight reducing holes in the trucks parallel to the ground, Uwe and Reinhold were also able to incorporate aerodynamics into a skateboard truck, another first in the CNC precision truck world. The Stream 7 hit the market in 2012 and instantly started turning heads, even garnishing a honorable mention from the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2013. With Reinhold living in Germany and Uwe now living in Vancouver, British Colombia, Skoa can be involved in the scene both in North America and in Europe. Wanting to continue with the vision of the German made Stream 7s, but tailored more for the style of the North American market, the idea for the Vapor was born. Made locally in Vancouver, BC the Vapor was officially released in spring of 2014 and has been quickly gaining interest from customers and shops alike as a unique alternative to the larger precision truck companies.