We - Graveyard Longboards - are Chris and Chris from the South of Germany. Since we are passionate Downhill skaters ourselves, we know nothing is more essential than the quality of the board. Therefore all our products are designed, handcrafted and perfected by us. They are primarly built for downhill skating and freeriding. Our vision and fun we have developing the boards has always been our main focus. All of our models have been challenged during several races in 2014 to adapt better fitting proportions and structures of the boards. For us skating has always been about Punkrock/Heavy Metal and not about a mainstream sport practiced by some fashionable teens. Apart from the romanticized picture of longboarding we wanted to establish a darker image. The name Graveyard symbolizes the mortality of existence: It is our motivation to challenge life. Naturally, we try to think ahead and estimate how the needs and wants of the future downhill/freeride scene will develop. To sum it up: Enjoy your life before you end up at the graveyard! Go out and skate.